The Internet and CBT: Improving Care Beyond the Visit

Mansson, Ruiz, et. al published and original paper in JIMR “Development and Initial Evaluation of an Internet-Based Support System for Face-to-Face Cognitive Behavior Therapy: A Proof of Concept Study” examining Internet-delivered CBT (ICBT). The authors tested a new treatment format using a combination of ICBT and face-to-face. The study involved 15 patients with mild to moderate anxiety or depression or both. There were 8 therapists. First interview was at 9 weeks and 12 month follow-up. 

The authors noted that both the platform and iPad were thought of as beneficial by patients. Therapists found improved intersession communications and ease of sharing. Which the authors noted maintained continuity for missed sessions due to travel distance. It is worth noting there was no missing data nor dropouts from treatment. Perhaps the Internet mitigate dropout rates. And again we are seeing the movement to expansion of healthcare outside the face to face. 

Maybe Showtime Web Therapy with Lisa Kudrow is not so crazy after all.