Welcome Back Bioc.net

It has been nearly a year since my last blog entry. I’d love to say I’ve been busy. Not so sure, at some point (age related) life becomes glacial in serving up burnt offerings. It becomes less of what is placed in front of you and more about, what you harvest, gather, uncover, and find. God helps those who help themselves and you got to help yourself prior to your expiration date. It’s been a year of sorting this out. Rest assured I am not all that self actualized. More on that later.

Here is the new site with all the old blog posts, podcasts, photos, etc. When Donna was going through chemotherapy and I was a part time gig worker and a full time caregiver. I moth balled my business. The web site I had was now in my responsibility to maintain and keep alive. Donna may be dying but I was not. At least not outwardly.

I went to Square Space and built (cobbled) a new site. That new site is now previous site. It was fine. It was mine. It was where I leaned to do new shit. Since it was on Square and my ISP is Pair.com I had to have someone create a DNS and MX set up so my email and etc. would work. I also needed a bunch of network work arounds. I was clueless how it worked. But it worked. It kept busy posting and podcasting. All the while I cared for Donna and then gave into grief.

Sometime mid 2016 my hero and all around amazing social media/SEO Baby Mozart (aka Shaun) kept telling me Square is okay but for SEO and all that a web site can do it is not readily available nor robust enough on Square. Baby Mozart said in no uncertain terms go WordPress. Host it on your ISP. So mid 2016 to 1st Q 2017 that is what Shaun did and I breathlessly watched as if I was a spectator at a BMX competition.

Shaun ported my old site to the new WP build. Got the DB built, added plugins, and so on. All magic to me. He found my podcast plugin blubrry, I ported over my podcasts. Just to note blubrry was so helpful and professional. Big recommend here.

Now it’s October. Ready to go. Not so fast. I was technologically bound up like an opioid users’ bowel. I feared if I did this switch from Square to WP at Pair I was going to break the Internet. Not a joke. I made about eight calls to Pair tech support, cried to Shaun, and lit a shit load of candles and sage sticks.

Well I did it. The Internet didn’t break. Shaun held my hand. Videos are teaching me about WP. Still learning.

Is there a lesson here? I am sure, but it verges on whinny and maudlin. There is a take away or two: 1. Look closely before jumping in. 2. Break shit you can always fix it. 3. Those in tech support have the patience of saints.