July 3, 2013 Interesting Reads

NEJMEnvy- Strategy for Reform England vs. US in healthcare. The focus ” on the most positive aspects of each system, the characteristics that should inspire envy, we may find solutions to each country’s challenges just an ocean away.” 

This article covers some key areas that we should consider if we are going to improve our healthcare system. Well worth the read.

Incidental EconomistOn What Do Health Economists Agree? This is an interesting concept looking at ‘positive (as opposed to normative) statements’ Here are a few the post is open to suggestions and comments. 

  • Health insurance does not guarantee good health care.
  • Preventive care does not usually pay for itself.
  • Employees pay for all employer-based health benefits; they offset wages or other benefits.
  • Favorable tax treatment of employer-based health benefits leads to greater employer offers and more generous benefits.
  • Employer-based plans serve a risk pooling function.
  • Cost sharing reduces utilization.
  • Physicians influence patients’ level of utilization.

Webfonts by H&FJ: Introducing Cloud Typography

Great idea. It is a cloud technology for type where typography answers each browser with the right type and fast. I wonder if us mere mortals will notice the difference?