Notes & Links: August 23, 2013

XX in Health- Canadian Women Changing Health
Let’s head north and cross the Canadian Boarder for a quick look see in healthcare. XX in Health Week is examining the issue of gender diversity in health leadership. One of the features of this activity is putting the focus on women in healthcare who are not recognized. These are not CEO’s but women with limited resources but with a bottomless well of innovation, persuasion and enthusiasm to drive health in Canada. There are 22 women featured. Colleen Young who I know from Canadian Virtual Hospice an online hospice support and reference site where I have participated. I am pleased to see her being recognized along with 21 other women. These stories are motivating and enlightening. An important read for us all who believe in healthcare, social media, and the drive to change health. 

Swatch Girls Pro Junior Surfing France
Totally off the topic of healthcare and medicine but so on the topic of social media. A major brand is supporting girls pro surfing circuit. The placement of Swatch within this event is perfect. The Web site is of the highest quality with live feed from France. Obviously they have @swatchgirlspro and Instagam. They have videos from the all the days events and activities. And live interviews done in a hanging basket(egg) chair rigged with video equipment sans photographer. This all holds together well and speaks to how a brand, event, demographic, web, social media, and video can all be put into one seamless package that works. I would question the use of Twitter since the timeline is behind a few hours. Not sure why. Check it out just to see how this all comes together. 

Wikipedia: Medical Articles Translation Task Force NeedsVolunteers 
Dr. Bertalan Mesko writing on ScienceRoll is seeking volunteers to make the many medical entries on Wikipedia available in many other languages. You can find details here.