Heading to PAX East

Truth be told I was a bit lukewarm about PAX this year. The usual crazy was rattling around my head like nuts and bolts in a tin pot. Why leave my house, there are people and things out there. Why would an old guy go? Why would anyone there want an old guy to ruin it for them? Finally the AirB&B I am staying at looks like a cell in Attica.

I started packing, pulled my PAX Passes out, and took a look at the schedule. Got my eye on the following sessions and events but will wait to see what Mig and Shaun are doing since they are gaming luminaries.

  • Being an Artist in the Game Industry
  • Penny Arcade Q&A
  • A Place at the (Gamers) Table: Native American Nerd Culture and the Rise of Indigenerd
  • Mario Teaches Nothing: Entertainment Games In Education
  • Hate is the Hobby
  • Roll Selection: The Art of Choosing Which Board Game to Play
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda YAS!!!!
  • Awesome Video Game Data
  • Kusoge! More of Japan’s Awesomely Awful Videogames

And that is just Friday. More tomorrow and perhaps an ongoing photo and comment on PAX from an old guys perspective

My First PAX: A Short Reflection

Being the old new gamer I was lucky enough to get tickets (thank you Mig) to PAX. My Sherpa Mig introduced me to the community of Destiny players, the people at Bungie, and the coolness of PAX. I am still digesting the entire time and all that I learned but a couple of things stand out for me. The community is amazing and accepting of even an old geezer who only last Wednesday finished The Black Garden and got my weapon. The community is open and embracing. Word. The few from Bungie I spoke with were surprisingly generous in their acceptance of newbie. (I hope not too bored) They believe with their hearts in their product and brand. Destiny is not just a game but a place a home an extension of their vision and belief in quality. I get to be part of that.

I’ve worked in advertising with many luminaries from creatives to account people who fought to make a superior product and message. Where kerning a headline just right was a mission a passion. It has been years since I’ve met people with that same passion who believe good is not good enough. That is my impression of Bungie, good is not good enough on all levels. From T-shirts to music to code to art. I want to publicly thank those from Bungie and the pros in the community who took the time to speak with and listen to an old broken clumsy at controller guy. I am pumped to get better not just for me but for them. My success at Destiny is my thank you to everyone.

I am working on a longer piece about this and the recent death of Oliver Sacks. Yup obtuse but WTF.