Where Are You Going My Darling Young One?

Bryan Vartabedian, MD writing at 33 Charts examines “When Push Comes to Shove: The Slow Death of the Medical Blog-o-sphere” at Dr. Wes blog. Vartabedian post is “The Implosion of the Medical Blogosphere” and from his view there are more physicians on-line but they are residing in communities specific to their needs. He agrees with Wes that “their presence is less about doctorly togetherness and more about personal presentation.” Life is one HUGE stage. Further Vartabedian points to the new world of video and microblogging as well as the fact most are not creating but curating.

He closes with this which I agree with

So while the blogosphere of the early-mid 2000’s may be part of history, I don’t think public doctors are going away.  We just share, create and relate differently.

So can we move those new relationships to patient engagement?