7 Count Them 7 Tips to Evaluate Healthcare Websites

This is from NBCLatino. I think it speaks to the expansion of healthcare knowledge across many different and important populations.  A Pew Hispanic Center report shows 83% of US Latinos obtains some information about health from television, radio, newspaper, magazines or the internet.  And it skews toward younger and college age Latinos. Which means the future of healthcare may be a bit brighter.

The article linked above offers seven great tips that we should all be considering when we look for health information as well as valuable links. I wonder how well this article reaches was the reach in fact beyond a few page views?  Strikes me that this is the type of knowledge we can all benefit fro. Here is an example:

You must heed caution when reading blogs as they can be the breeding ground for rumors and misinformation.  At the same time, blogs can also serve as online emotional support and validation, yet always look for multiple perspectives and never trust just one site.

These 7 tips are excellent. Take a look.