Eddie Cue and Tim Cook Discuss Taylor Swift (Recorded June 21, 2014)

Just an observation. Most of the press is saying how Taylor Swift beat the shit out of Apple. Or Apple surrendered. Well here is the phone conversation between Eddie Cue and Tim Cook 

Tim: Hello Eddie how’s it going

Eddie: Tim here. Taylor finally published that letter about us not paying artists for the three month trial of our music streaming service. It is getting a crap load of attention. You were so right in your vision and setting this up for us.

Tim: Eddie can you send out the planned Tweets and call Taylor. As we discussed look contrite yet understanding. The media will go wild about how we folded like a cheap suit.

Eddie: This is just so good. The PR Dept estimates we’ll get close to $450 million worth of PR for this. And a steep adoption curve for streaming.

Tim: I saw that report last month. It is so smart but the best part is it will cost us $1.29 to pay artists for the trail period. I expect uptake for the launch to be HUGE. Remember to send Taylor an iTunes gift card for her help. 

Eddie: Tim you rock and your reality distortion field is as good as Steve’s.

This is humor though I think it can’t be far from some reality.