Why Some People Should Never Have a Pet

A dear friend and IT nerd who has bailed my ass out 101 times put this post up on FB. This just speaks to why idiots should not have dogs EVER. 

So my wife says as she walked the dogs last nite she saw some guy hitting his pit bull dog with the leather part of the leash. She yelled at him to stop and besides the usual profanities of ‘mind your own business’ he said he was punishing the dog for eating garbage. She said the dog just stood there and took the punishment, poor thing. As she moved on, he started following her and even said “I’m

not even hitting hard!” and this time DEMONSTRATED on the dog again, while it was just standing there doing nothing. THIS PIECE OF SHIT doesn’t even get what “REINFORCEMENT” means… now this dog sees “High Energy/Stress” + “Just Standing Around Next To Master” = “Wack on the head with leather belt.” Yah, the poor dog might not be a *bit* more on edge the next time these ingredients mix together. Tell me these pit bull owners aren’t just damn asking for it when their dogs go off the deep end? OMG what a scumbag.

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