One Hospice Repeated Failures

This is troubling to read since I believe Hospice’s are above the fray. They understand the human condition and needs of people in crisis better. They deliver more than healthcare they deliver care for patients, family, caregivers, each other on all levels not just clinical.  I guess that is separate from knowing how to educate and teach. Here is the full article.

CDPH investigated the 4/26/12 incident regarding the required proper instruction hospice must give to patients and caregivers when administering drugs. The caregiver in this case gave the patient 10 times the prescribed amount of morphine. The report states, “the hospice agency failed to ensure Patient A’s medications were administered in a safe and accurate manner, as prescribed by the physician.”

Caregivers want to do the right thing we need to give them all the tools and abilities we can to aid them. I can not imagine accidently killing my wife while caring for her. 

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