Discussing What We Don’t Talk About and Why We Need To

Because we age we will all face the possibility of serious illness. The single most critical and important aspect of this process is to identify how we want to live our lives and how we can give the gift of life to our family and ourselves. What do we need to do to make every day a good one, as we define it, and have a plan to achieve that for as long as possible. 

In 2011 Center to Advance Palliative Care with the American Cancer Society completed a Public Opinion Research on Palliative Care. The data shows that biggest concerns for patients with serious illness:Doctors might not provide all of the treat options or choices available

  • Doctors might not provide all of the treat options or choices available 58%
  • Doctors might not choose the best treatment option for a seriously ill patient’s medical condition: 54%
  • Doctors do not spend enough time talking with and listening to patients and their families: 50%

Discussion of this topic is critical because I believe it can improve how patients and family receive timely and accurate information regarding palliation and hospice care and what it means for quality of life. This discussion will change patient concerns and questions about end of life care and benefits of palliation. It will open a dialogue and offer touch points to examine our beliefs. It will turn back the fear. Without this film we cannot begin to change how we want to live our life during serious illness the associated benefits for patients and family.

Simple the goal of an open and far ranging discussion is to create a platform that improves decision making during serious illness between:

  • ·      Patients and family
  • ·      Healthcare professional
  • ·      Patients and healthcare professionals

We should strive to make it easy and productive to discuss palliative care, end of life, and hospice. I want to improve care, time, and quality of life.

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