Thoughts & Links: 07/09/2013

Make it easier to avoid vaccines, and people will skip them

From The Incidental Economist  

“The bad news is that there are more state level attempts to broaden exemptions than narrow them. The good news is that the only measures that pass seem to be those that narrow them.”

Can someone explain why states that are suppose to care for the well being of its resident try to do this? And I wonder how many families of children who were not vaccinated and got sick or died sued the state?

While on the subject of vaccines this from ScienceBlogs

Get out the popcorn! This internecine war among antivaccinationists is getting interesting (part 6)

“Maybe it’s because when the antivaccine movement is fighting among itself it’s wasting energy that it could otherwise be using discouraging vaccination, fear mongering, and endangering public health, and that’s a good thing. “

I would disagree that the antivaccination klan is not having an effect but I am refreshed they are trying to devour each other and gagging. 

A Thicker Hope

Marco wrote the following about iOS 7 systems type font. And because type is one of the most important visuals we have it remains  key in driving readership and more. 

“Apple’s stated design philosophy of iOS 7 was “clarity, deference, and depth”. They nailed deference and depth, but clarity has suffered in many big and small ways.”

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