Notes & Links: July 26, 2013

Chromecast vs. AirPlay: How do They Compare?

The Verge has a comparison of Google’s new Chromecast to Apple’s established AirPlay.Great review well balanced with a handy dandy chart to compare features.

What’s So Wrong About Sexting, Anyway?

Glenn Cohen on The Health Care Blog Op-Ed takes a serious look at sexting and Mr. Weiner. I have deliberately stayed away from reading much about this except for the passing headlines including those in the NY Post.But I read this entire op-ed piece and found it thoughtful and well measured. 

Reaching Rare Disease Communities

Pam Todd writing on HealthWorks Collective addresses the need for patients with rare diseases to find useful, clear, concise, and practical information. I agree.

Pam opens with the following quote “If you can’t outspend, outreach”. Sorry but money buys reach plan and simple. Though I will say those with rare disease are likely avid, relentless, and over the top aggressive searchers and knowledge consumers. They may make reach beat spend. May is the operative word.

What’s The Role of A Hospital In 10 Years?

Dave Chase writing in Forbes takes a look at the changes facing the hospital of today and does a great job of comparing it to the previous and current plight of print newspapers. 

While no analogy is perfect, health system boards would be well advised to study what newspaper industry leaders did (or perhaps more appropriately, didn’t do) when faced with a dramatic industry change. Turn back the clock 15 years and the following dynamics were present:

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