Notes & Links July 16, 2013

Jenny, Jenny, oh Jenny

David Kroll has a wonderful piece in Forbes titled “Jenny McCarthy Is A Dangerous Medical Celebrity” As you can guess from the title is shakes the reality of allowing someone with “Mommy instincts” to present medical and scientific advice as if it was evidence based medicine. Clearly stating opinion vs. evidence is critical to helping learner acquire knowledge and make life critical decisions.

Giving McCarthy an unrestricted and highly-visible platform to continue her record of pseudoscience views on issues critical to child health is both irresponsible and dangerous.

We Know Cost Kills People

Cost Prevents People from Seeking Preventive Healthcare” is posted on HealthPopuli It reviews a TeleVox survey of over 1,015 US adults titled “A Call for Change: How Adopting a Preventive Lifestyle Can Ensure a Healthy Future for More Americans” 

Some of the data HealthPopuli pulls  

  • Only 1 in 3 people in he US have spoken with their personal doctors about their medical history and risk factors for diseases 
  • Only 33% have had cholesterol checks
  • In the past two years, only 26% of people have been screened for diabetes
  • She ends with:

Making prevention cool, beautiful, smart – whatever motivates the prevention-poor patient – is the must-do for health plans, providers, payors (employers, unions and government health insurance sponsors). And to do that requires asking people the very question: what will lead you to actually seek prevention. 

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