Notes & Links: August 20, 2013

Why Health Insurance is So Expensive

Ya gotta love the title of this contribution by Sandra Mills on HealthWorks Collective. Even more to love is an amazing, clear, and well designed info graphic. One of the best I’ve seen but the topic keeps you focused and shocked. 

The seven most significant causes to increasing cost are:

  1. New medical technology
  2. Provider price inflation
  3. Low primary care use
  4. High spending on specialists
  5. Aging population
  6. Increase of chronic illnesses
  7. Fraud

Take a look at the graphic a lot of pictures tell a sad story.

Vintage Typefaces

John Gruber of fame had this link. For those of you who are into design and type. Take a look. Type is the most critical element of good design just ask Jonathan Ive.

How to Start A Conversation About Estate Planning

Forbes has a nice 8 panel set of facts about discussing estate planning. This is important so is the Will, end of life planning etc. I think has this and more covered so very very well it is worth a look. No it’s worth the time to do it. 

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