Notes & Links: August 12, 2013

How Obamacare Affects You has a simple easy to read info graphic on Obamacare. An interesting fact about the ACA that really speaks to the complexity of healthcare in America.

It is twice as long as the Defense Authorization Act of 2010. The entirety of U.S. code is 45 million words making H.R. 39620 0.5% of all U.S. Code!

It is easier to go to war it seems. 

Americans Don’t Understand Insurance, Let Alone Obamacare Research Shows

Bruce Japsen contributing to Forbes presents some surprising data on Americans knowledge of Health Insurance.

“Researchers looked at two surveys of Americans between the ages of 25 and 64 who have private coverage.  Among their findings, researchers uncovered that just 14 percent of respondents had an understanding of the most basic insurance concepts of “deductible, copay, co-insurance and out-of-pocket maximum.”

All the more reason we need to spread the word on the excellent info graphic on Obamacare linked above. Just as more and more Americans are using the web to learn about their health and become active participants the need to understand and make decisions about health insurance will make a difference. 

Americans’ Health Insurance Illiteracy Epidemic-Simpler is Better

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn writing on her blog HealthPopuli is addressing the issue of our understanding of health insurance with an excellent review of new research by George Loewenstein from Carnegie Mellon Published in Journal of Health Economics.  

Here is a sample of a chart from that study and it is speaks volumes about what we don’t know and need to know. 

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