Is Your iPad The Technological Equivalent of Typhoid Mary?

Standardized, App-Based Disinfection of iPads in a Clinical and Nonclinical Setting: Comparative Analysis

It didn’t long for someone to look at iPads and infections. Urs-Vito Albrecht, et. al. publishing in JMIR and asked the question how the hell do you clean an iPad, etc. in a clinical setting. 

We discovered a 2.7-fold (Mann-Whitney U test, z=-3.402, P=.000670) lower bacterial load on the devices used in the clinical environment that underwent a standardized daily disinfection routine with isopropanol wipes following the instructions provided by “deBac-app”. Under controlled conditions, an average reduction of the mainly Gram-positive normal skin microbiological load of 99.4% (Mann-Whitney U test, z=-3.1798, P=.001474) for the nonclinical group and 98.1% (Mann-Whitney U test, z=3.1808, P=.001469) for the clinical group was achieved using one complete disinfecting cycle.

Well the data is in clean your iPad with and isopropanol pad, pad to pad. This is a very detailed and well designed study so it should not be laughed at, well maybe a little bit

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