The Solution to Those Depressing End of Life Chats

Slate TV Critic Willa Paskin reviewed a new HBO offering Getting OnA comedy about a stopover facility for the elderly recovering from surgery and strokes and more.

On the 36-bed ward, old people poop on chairs, screech in foreign languages, curse out the staff, copulate in public spaces, vomit, fall, and die. ButGetting On is not a drama, it’s a deadpan, absurdist comedy. I’ve never laughed so hard about the frail and failing.The Golden Age of TV may be over, but Getting Onsuggests no one has told the people writing parts for women yet.

This will be DVR’d only because I need to laugh at my future and counter point to death with dignity chats, end-of-life discussion. Perhaps writers and producers are addressing our fears with humor.

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