The Art of Denim and It’s Not Levi’s

I have a jean crush on this Pointer Brand. (You MUST check out the videos of music at the factory). Pointer Brand is a TN company manufacturing American made seriously great jeans heavy duty etc. etc. Worth the visit to see what they have but the videos are precious. 

So Pointer Brand is highlighting something called American Original Blue Jeans – Raw White Oak® Cone Denim® Okay I give up, what is cone denim? I went to find out about Cone Denim. It turns out Cone Denim is a company that has been suppling denim since 1891. The find on this site are two videos. One is video it looks like its from the 40s? Very interesting and a candid look back to another America. The other is a hipster Brooklyn video of their products. Interesting as well. 

Sometimes when you step away from the usual sites and reading you find small gems. I forgot what’s like to just drift around the web discovering. 

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