Dunning-Kruger Disease and the Non-Vaccinating Parent Cartel

At Science Blogs Respectful Insolence introduces me to Dunning-Kruger Disease “Pediatricians versus the Dunning-Kruger effect on vaccines.”

It’s the phenomenon whereby people who are unknowledgeable or incompetent about a topic have a falsely elevated estimate of their own knowledge base. In the antivaccine movement, the D-K phenomenon tends to take the form of parents who think that their University of Google knowledge trumps the knowledge of physicians and scientists who have dedicated large swaths of their lives to the rigorous study of conditions such as autism and the question of how vaccines work.

We get a look inside a wine and cheese event where non-vaccinating parents share their adventures in turning science and health back to the dark ages while lifting their behavior to the highest level of self-delusion.

This is well worth the read and it’s shock value to science and what happens when a patient is fired by a pediatrician. 

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