Fighting the Drug War is Killing the Terminally Ill

Is this the lasting impression America has on pain management: it’s a criminal conspiracy?


And those who should know how to treat pain don’t do it very well.


How much of the former is driving the later because it gets the headlines, coverage, and sells? America hates junkies.

I would say we are trying to look taller fighting pain medication drug abuse by standing on the terminally ill. Somehow we need to find a way to do both AND not do one at the expense of the other.

1 thought on “Fighting the Drug War is Killing the Terminally Ill”

  1. Mark,

    Thank you for writing such an important Blog Post. Pain is complicated and unfortunately has become so political. Shortages in pain medication~ now that's criminal! I do believe in the palliative medicine speciality. Palliative is such an unfortunate title though I'm concerned that unless we determine another name for this medical speciality more people who are in pain will continue to suffer needlessly.

    Thank you for shining a light on this really important topic.

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