The Future With Options: Podcast 009

Carolyn and I talk about options and taking control when we face end-of-life. Cure is not the only choice. Opting for quality of life is valid and important because living a life without quality is in some regards is not living.


When you know the choices you have and make decisions based on that understanding we acheive control when we most need it.

Our discussion came from a podcast/essay by Diane Meier, MD in Health Affairs ‘I Don’t Want Jenny To Think I’m Abandoning Her’: Views on Over-treatment 

“life’s not a paragraph

And death i think is no parenthesis”

― E.E. Cummings

Active Participation Using Your Inner Voice: Podcast 008

Carolyn and I talk about active participation in treatment, palliative care, end-of-life, hospice  and your inner voice, you know that loop we all having playing in our heads most of the time. That voice will help you achieve your goals, learn, open new doors, and perhaps not withdraw when it’s most important to participate in life.

Carolyn talks about it from her professional perspective and how to help patients and family members access it. I talk about my experiences with finding it, listening, and what it means at end-of-life. We argue.

Meet Mark: Podcast 007

Carolyn interviews me. She was able to elicit much and bring back the emotional memories of Donna’s caregiving and death. As painful as it was it’s a window into why I am doing this and what I’ve learned. You’ll love the part about whole brain radiation evidence vs. quality of life.


Hospice Saved My Life

Shared Decision Making

End-of-Life Care

Moving From Patient To Person In Hospice: Podcast 006

Carolyn and I talk about how hospice patients and caregivers need to move from thinking like a patient which is what happens when we are being actively treated. In hospice it is about leaving the patient behind. Adapting and recalibrating your goals for the time remaining. It is smart discussion from Carolyn. Food for thought.

Hospice Foundation of America

American Cancer Society

Advance Directive: Podcast 005

Carolyn and I talk about navigating an advance directive and our experiences completing them. A basic review and insight into the specifics of doing this important document and what it means for you and your loved ones.


Meet Carolyn The Hospice Social Worker: Podcast 004

We thought it would be important for you to know a bit about each of us so we can frame and position who we are in reference to these podcasts and topics. Today I interview Carolyn and learn why she went from film, to social work, to hospice and what she wants to accomplish discussing end-of-life both professionally and as a podcaster.


Independence and End-of-Life: Podcast 003

We all live independent lives making decisions and navigating the world we live in. During EOL either as a patient or caregiver we surrender control. It does not have to happen that way.

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Helpful Links

Everplans A terrific site for planning your life for those you love

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Introduction: Podcast 001

This podcast is my introduction to the series. We’ll present what we want to accomplish and why we feel our stories can advance end-of-life decisions. (This is the first one and production value is so so. I promise they getintroart1 better.)

If you have a comment or questions please share it so we can ensure this series meets your goals

Helpful Links

Hospice Saved My Life

CancerCare: An important organization for patients, family, and friends.