Care When There Is No Cure

A Film About Hospice

Last year I entered into the crowd funding arena to produce a short documentary film “Care When There is No Cure”. My efforts fell short on this first (not our last) try. I have not given up on this project.

Funding will need to come from those who know the importance of hospice and palliative care. Those are patients, family members, loved ones, and friends. They’re the one’s who’ve experienced the benefits first hand. But, and a very big but, we need to reach those who may not know it’s value or fully understand it. Since this first effort there has been growing awareness of hospice and palliative care as well as end-of-life planning. I’m going to revisit this shortly and hope you will join us in making this happen.

Why A Film About Palliation and Hospice?

Because we are alive we die. Death is not good. There is no good death. What I believe is that if given the chance we can have a good death with a quality of life that includes family and friends. To achieve that good dying we need to plan, know our options, and identify those who will advocate for us and ensure our end-of-life wishes are met. 

I look back on my wife’s illness and death and I can see how palliative care and hospice provided us with a gift of life, peace, and time. These clinical gifts allowed me to focus on her life, love and who she was. I was not focused on her the death and what we did not have. Her passing was about what we had, not what was lost, and that is the gift of palliation and hospice. It’s time to make this film.