Guarantee Your End-of-Life Wishes: Podcast 034

Palliative care, end-of-life, death with dignity are trending topic. They are of great interest to the aging population in America and to those who are or may become their caregivers. Over the past couple of years following my experience as a caregiver for my wife who was dx with stage IV cancer and following her passing I realized that there is a need that is largely unmet–EOL planning.


The majority of the 1.8 million Americans who die each year do not have their end-of-life (EOL) wishes or goals met. This failure extends the pain and suffering of the patient, their loved ones, and incurs a high financial cost that does not achieve quality or meaningful extension of life. The gap between what Americans want at end-of-life and what is delivered can be accomplished simply and efficiently.

Hospice Intake: Podcast 018

This is my first in a series on hospice. It will be part educational but mostly I will relate my experiences with Donna who entered hospice three years ago this past July 18. Though my eyes and experiences I hope others will see what hospice and palliative care brings to both the patient and the family. I believe in hospice and palliative care. It works because of the people involved. It gives both the dying and the living so much hope and sense of community and support. Because of hospice and especially those working and volunteering we are not alone when we most need support and care.


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Active Participation Using Your Inner Voice: Podcast 008

Carolyn and I talk about active participation in treatment, palliative care, end-of-life, hospice  and your inner voice, you know that loop we all having playing in our heads most of the time. That voice will help you achieve your goals, learn, open new doors, and perhaps not withdraw when it’s most important to participate in life.

Carolyn talks about it from her professional perspective and how to help patients and family members access it. I talk about my experiences with finding it, listening, and what it means at end-of-life. We argue.