What's trending in my head

Center to Advance Palliative Care: If you’re a healthcare professional or a patient CAPC is a knowledge rich site to access essential palliative care tools, education, and more http://www.capc.org/

Daring Fireball: John Gruber speaks to technology and truth, with great writing. He’s one dude who can throw a sentence down http://daringfireball.net/

Swiss-Miss: Sometimes you just need to take a moment to look at good design or ideas to know all is not lost http://www.swiss-miss.com/

Occupy Healthcare: My other love and passion is working to improve healthcare in America for both patients and healthcare professionals. Occupy Healthcare is a resource for all of us http://occupyhealthcare.net/



 The BioContinuum Group, Inc. (BCG) is the medical communications company I founded in 1993. Prior to opening BCG my experiences were based in healthcare advertising, marketing, and strategic development. Working in healthcare advertising taught me you couldn’t drive change and knowledge uptake without a well-developed communications strategy based on excellent data analysis within complex markets.

Key principles

Humans are learners. Learning is at the core of our conciseness. Learning changes our conciseness. We use what we learn to make decisions, select a medical treatment, purchase a healthcare application for our phone, or ask a healthcare professional about treatment. Learning should be part of any communications strategy. What drives learning?

  • Adults want to learn solutions to problems they already have
  • If we know problems our audiences have (specific to establisheed goals) we can attract their attention and engage them better
  • Adults want to drive their own learning at their own pace with their own tools
  • Adults will be more active learners if you respect the demands on their time and lives

Learning is the process of reflecting on experience, that reflection produces insights that may be useful in solving future problems. (Slotnick, 1999) I would add, those experiences will solve future purchase decisions and impact outcomes.