Hey Hipster You Get Your Food Locally. What About Healthcare? Hyperlocal is the Buzz.

Could Healthcare Be Local Tech’s Next Big Opportunity? Street Fight has an interview with Medicast co-founder and CEO Sam Zebarjadi. Medicast is an Atlanta startup where patients and doctors are connected. Physicians come to patients’ homes, offices or hotels to deliver care in <2 hours. The interview is interesting since it discusses the issue of local markets which is the new black. You all know about the green market and local foods. Well we now have hyperlocal. This fits with my chestnut It’s not WebMD but MyMD…local personal and real knowledge from the person you trust the most. 

We are moving away from a large systemic healthcare approach to doctors wanting to get more local. In the next few years we will be in a transformative space, where we are going to see a lot of changes and everyone has the common goal of making healthcare more affordable, within closer reach, and of providing more preventative care.

Zebarjadi makes a cogent case for the patient physician connection that can exist beyond the appointment and waiting room or telemedicine which I did not know is outlawed in nearly 20 states. 

The entire interview is short but filled with ideas and future direction. I see this as part of the new healthcare landscape as we move forward.